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InterWoven is the representative in Canada for AtentaMente, world leader in the mental training of socio-emotional and pro-social competencies based on the forefront of international scientific research.

Logo of AtentaMente meditation and emotional intelligence mental training programs

We are agents of change whose raison d'être is to contribute to people's social and emotional well-being as the means to achieve profound and lasting social transformation.

Logo of Interwoven meditation and emotional intelligence mental training programs

changing the world from the inside out

Work and Story
Logo of Interwoven meditation and emotional intelligence mental training programs

Our Work and Story

Since 2012 we have designed, delivered, and evaluated social impact initiatives, benefiting more than two million people.

Group of people attending a meditation and emotional intelligence conference
  • A multidisciplinary group of professionals founds AtentaMente to promote socio-emotional well-being.

  • Free mobile app 

  • Registered Charitable Status in Mexico 

  • Published the book series "Working and Living in Balance" and trained more than 1,500 public servants

  • Integration of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) into the national education curriculum in Mexico. 

  • Consultants for the Secretary of Public Education and the National Institute for Education Evaluation in Mexico

  • Participation in the expert group for the Development of the Federal Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum and implementation of the program for Higher Secondary Education, training more than 50,000 teachers nationwide.

  • Development of the Stress Toolbox Program

  • Second generation of AtentaMente Instructors

  • Publication of the books "Educate for Well-Being," "Caring for Each Other: 10 agreements for well-being" and "Stress Toolbox Manual"

  • Incorporation as a Non-profit Organization

  • Piloting of Educational Programs

  • First generation of 60 AtentaMente Instructors

  • Development of our Social and Emotional Learning flagship program Educating for Well-Being with financing from Banorte Foundation

  • Refinement of the Stress Toolbox Program and name change to Holistic Well-Being Program

  • Creation of the Alliance for Education of the state of Coahuila, Mexico.

  • Selected by Hundred and the Lego Foundation as one of the best innovations in socio-emotional education worldwide.

  • Largest randomized trial in the world to evaluate Educating for Well-Being in preschool

  • Publication of the book “Psychonauts”

  • Third generation of AtentaMente Instructors

  • Registration at the Mexican Center for Philanthropy

  • Certification as a Public Charity in the USA by NGO source

  • Restructured programs adapted for distance learning to face the COVID19 crisis, reaching more than one million people

  • Published the free booklet "ABCD, Mental Health for Difficult Times"

  • Funding from the Lego Foundation, the WK Kellogg Foundation, the United Fund, the Femsa Foundation, and Gentera, to work with at-risk children, First Nations, and frontline healthcare workers

  • Recipients of a grant from the Templeton Foundation to research our programs in collaboration with the UW Madison Center for Healthy Minds.

  • Holistic Well-Being Program adapted to address the mental health of adolescents, their teachers, and parents, in the Yucatan Peninsula, with the support of the Kellogg Foundation

  • Foundation of Interwoven Human Potential as the representative in Canada for AtentaMente

Our Story

Committed to Social Impact

We build evidence for public policies in education and other health and social domains that support preventive mental health, social and emotional development, and emotional well-being.

Our programs align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

un development goals good health and well-being
un development goals reduced inequalities
un development goals quality education
un development goals peace justice and strong institutions
Wise forum

Recognized as World Leaders

Organizations like HundrEd and WISE recognized our programs as one of the best Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) initiatives worldwide.


Our implementation of the Educating for Well-Being program in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico, is a milestone in world research, being the largest randomized control trial ever done for SEL in partnership with the UW Madison Center for Healthy Minds and Sinaloa's Secretary of Education.

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W.K Kellog foundation logo
Templeton World Foundation Logo

Partnerships for Innovation

We work with local and international stakeholders to generate transformative innovations for well-being. Some of our current projects include: 

Partnership with the Templeton Foundation and the UW Madison Center for Healthy Minds to assemble and optimize a 12-week character-based mental health and well-being training for Healthcare Providers.

Partnership with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to adapt, deliver, and evaluate our Education for Well-Being program to First Nations Peoples in the Yucatan peninsula.

Partnership with governments and local stakeholders from six states in Mexico to implement Educate for Well-Being into the public education system.

Our Work


Logo of Interwoven meditation and emotional intelligence mental training programs

Inner Well-Being is the Foundation for a Life Well-Lived

Let's Begin Cultivating It Together

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