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Inner well-being is a trainable skill

It inspires well-doing, transforms culture, and influences social change

We help people cultivate it within and extend it to others

The ABCD Framework

The curriculum development team from AtentaMente Consultores designed our mental training programs with the highest quality standard from the learning sciences, grounded on a robust knowledge of contemplative traditions, and informed by insights from the forefront of scientific research.

The training focuses on strengthening four aspects of the mind related to specific networks in the brain that contribute to well-being: Awareness, Benevolence, Clarity, and Direction.



Being aware of your mental states and emotions and voluntarily directing attention to a chosen subject with flexibility and relaxation. It involves developing meta-attention, focus, and calm


The capacity for developing healthy relationships with ourselves, others, and the world. It includes developing compassion, gratitude, kindness, and appreciation


Objectively and healthily evaluating the way we interpret our lives. Includes developing a curious, creative, and critical mind that questions its own thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors


The motivation guiding who we are and how we act in the world. Involves identifying and defining our meaningful goals, developing a sense of purpose, and aligning our behavior toward it

To learn more about the science behind the framework, visit the Center for Healthy Minds

Group of facilitators at the end of a meditation and emotional intelligence retreat

People change together

If given time to learn together, they establish a common language and build a new culture


 During the implementation process, we help groups establish three fundamental components—Worldview, Practice, and Community—to sustain the transformation triggered by the ABCD framework training.

These components work together to create a foundation for cultivating a culture of human flourishing and inner well-being that enables lasting impact and systemic change.


Learn and reflect on a view that regards the mind as fundamental in our experience of dissatisfaction and well-being. Learn about the mind’s potential for transformation and the training methods to reduce its harmful aspects and cultivate the constructive ones.



Grow with a group of like-minded individuals supporting each other to sustain the practices and the worldview.

Use contemplative and mindfulness techniques in a formal training setting as well as tools and practices for everyday life aiming to integrate and embody a worldview centered on inner well-being, connectedness, and purpose.

Participants cultivate mindfulness, emotional intelligence, prosocial skills, and a sense of purpose.

By gaining knowledge about the mind and fostering its healthy aspects, they gain a powerful ally: Inner Well-Being. That kind of well-being connects us to others, ignites collective change, and helps us get through any experience in life more calmly with warm-heartedness and insight. 

Logo of Interwoven meditation and emotional intelligence mental training programs

Inner Well-Being is the Foundation for a Life Well-Lived

Let's Begin Cultivating It Together

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