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Looking to build a Culture of Well-Being? 

You are in the right place

Well-Being from the Inside Out

Our skills-based training helps people come together and grow together to build a human-centric culture where individuals, groups, and organizations can fulfill their purpose and reach their full potential.

For the Workplace

Empower your organization by creating a vibrant and engaging workplace where people collaborate and find purpose in their work

For Healthcare

Give healthcare professionals the tools to manage stress and prevent burnout while strengthening well-being and reconnecting with their calling

For Nonprofit and Government

Maximize your impact by providing your clients, stakeholders, and communities with the means to improve Social and Emotional Well-Being

For Education

Harness the transformative potential of your educational community with our world-leading Social and Emotional Learning Programs

For Sports

Elevate your team to perform at their best when it matters the most by embracing adversity and strengthening camaraderie

Logo of Interwoven meditation and emotional intelligence mental training programs

Our Unique Approach 

Rigorously designed programs to develop mindfulness, emotional intelligence, prosocial skills, and a sense of purpose informed by the best in neuroscience and contemplative traditions

Thoroughly researched outcomes

Real-world impact


Felt it has helped them to better cope with the COVID-19 crisis

Say the practices are reducing their stress level.



Have a better sense of overall wellbeing

Participant satisfaction rating



People in our programs in 2021

Recommend our solutions


* Source AtentaMente 2021 Annual Report

Logo of AtentaMente meditation and emotional intelligence mental training programs

World Leaders in Mental Training for Well-Being

We are the Canadian representatives for AtentaMente, a global leader in mental training for well-being 

AtentaMente’s curriculum is more sophisticated than any comparable efforts on the planet. It is amazingly comprehensive, well-constructed, and goes far beyond anything similar that currently exists.

Richard Davidson, PhD.

Founder and Director of the Center for Healthy Minds, University of Wisconsin - Madison 
Named by Time Magazine as one of “The 100 Most Influential People in the World” in 2006.

Richard Davidson PhD director of the Center for Healthy Minds
Logo of Interwoven meditation and emotional intelligence mental training programs

Inner Well-Being is the Foundation for a Life Well-Lived

Let's Begin Cultivating It Together

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